Nisza Zine 04 featuring Shanghai based designer Wu Shuang. Get to know her and the brand she launched this year in the interview below!

How would you describe your work? 

Wu Shuang: It’s really hard for me to describe my work at the current state, because I feel like I’m just getting started right now. There is so much improvement and progress to be made in order to develop a signature personal style and let my future work get to a really self-satisfying level or a classic artistic level. From the work I have put out so far, It’s a hybrid of cyberpunk, Y2k aesthetic and video games, it’s a pop culture mash-up fantasy.

Is there a local scene or people you collaborate with?

WS: Not yet.There might be some collaboration with Shanghai local club scene and fashion scene in the near future.


How did the internet influence your work?

WS: I got a lot of inspiration from the internet, seeing old and new things from other parts of the world, and I traced back a lot of cultural memories popping in my childhood and earlier days from the internet,  then I filtered them and put them into my work.

In terms of expression, what sensations or feelings do you want to transfer?

WS: The work I put out so far is basically trying to be interesting and cool at first. Maybe showing a confident image plus. Like I said, it’s just a start. I will try to address and transfer more things in future works.


Your works often blends between a combination of illustrations and fashion photoshoot to create a multi-layered production that places 3D objects over traditional photographs. How did you get started and where did you take your inspiration from?

WS: I learned and exercised these illusion and photo edit software in school and in previous career. Creating 3D visuals is something new, that I began to learn not too long ago. You might sense the amateurish in my work too. I mainly take my inspiration from movies, music and video games, these pop culture things.

Tell us more about 4re1gn? Who is behind that project and what are you trying to create?

WS: 4re1gn is the clothing project I’m working on. Doing clothes and accessories. Freshly started this year. Having two mini series out now. It’s just me behind this project. I’m trying to create something really unique. Something that looks foreign to everyone no matter where they come from. It might be a life time challenge for myself.

What are you working on at the moment and when will be releasing new 4re1gn stuff?

MS: I’m working on a few winter pieces currently, some earrings and other accessories. And new stuff will hopefully be dropping next month.

Last words

MS: Thanks for the interview, It’s always a beautiful thing to communicate with new friends from different places and backgrounds. 

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