Nisza Zine 05 featuring the Budapest based up and coming DJane Fanni Stefánkovits aka Technokool. Get to know the in Hungary born artist in the interview below and listen to her Nisza Tapes 00:20!

Let’s start with the podcast itself: how and where was this mix recorded, and what is the idea behind it?


The podcast was recorded at my flat on a Pioneer controller. The idea was to combine tracks that i really like at the moment, i didn't really planned it just made it intuitively.


How would you describe your sound in general?


Usually my sound is somehow linked to the 90's era. I often use older tracks and love powerful trancey sounds, but mixing it with a strong dark energy. When I play in a club it gets easily heavier and more aggressive i can not stay with the light beats.

How did you discover electronic music?


Firstly I met with electronic music when I was little, (90s) so I heard what my older cousins were listening and i really wanted to grow up fast. When I was 7 I was wearing black clothes and said it is because I am a techno person. Later when I went to university, I moved together with them, so I started to discover the underground scene in Budapest.

What does Technokool stand for? Why this particular name?


My name roots from the glue brand Technokol Rapid, that people were sniffing to get high.

What are you currently up?

I just came back from holiday in Warsaw, so I'm busy getting back on my everyday life.

How is the local DJ and Club scene back at home like?

There is a huge potential in Budapest's underground and club culture, but the city really needs more venues, that is currently very difficult because of governmental regulations.

What are your plans for the near future?


Spending more time on music and making my number one job more independent from myself (i got a vintage shop).

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