Nisza Zine 07 feat. Olia Svetlanova ☣️


How would you describe yourself and what you do?

Olia Svetlanova: Really don’t know. I costantly shapeshift from one internet personality to another.


How would you define your aesthetic? Which artists or movements have influenced its foundation?

OS: My main interest now is in nihilism, in online community and young culture. My first approach to digital culture was through glitch community and then throught cgi’s one. I don't follow any specific aesthetic, and my main inspiration aren't in artistic movements. Reading was and yet is one of my main source of inspiration. Watching tons of images through social media is the other one. 

Your work a lot with human like bodies/faces in a futuristic style. How did you fall into this specific style of illustration?


OS: Human body is always present yes, even when the shapes is totally altered. Probably the sci-fi side of my work is the result of my teenage readings. A lot of cyberpunk stuff, or simple weird litterature.

Whats your process of work?

OS: I’m totally non methodical. I usually begin with a impulse or an image that comes to my mind in a undefined shape and I start to affine and reshape it in the process of work. I never know where I’m going in the end but it’s fun. 

What are you working on at the moment?

OS: Due to the (global) quarantine i‘m working to refine my technical ability and to some other stuff that I still don't know if they will come to light, it’s uncertain. 

What is your soundtrack?

OS: Noisy stuff mainly, some electronic here and there.

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