Nisza Zine 03 with the one and only DJ and producer DJ Reiz. Find out more about himself and the label Union Trance Mission in the interview below.

Where are you from David?

David Reiz: I was born in Paris, grew up in Umeå (Sweden), Lausanne (Switzerland) and west coast of France before coming back to the city of lights (Paris) six years ago.

What are you up to currently?

DR: Right now I’m working on my second EP on UTM, preparing my new DJ set for the next gigs and also designing new merch for the label after the success of the black tees. On another hand I produced two tracks for two other crew’s new VA that will both be released in December : Ismus and The Techno Children

What does „Reiz“ stand for? Is there a story behind this particular name or why did you chose this german word?

DR: Haha, it is simply my real name! Nothing more, nothing less. Even if I have no german roots though. Believe it or not, it comes from Sweden. I added DJ because I love those old skool « DJ something » nicknames. And I also see myself as a DJ more than a producer.

How would you describe your sound?

DR: Retro, effective and simple. You will often find an arp lead, an acid line, an off-time bassline and a round kick in my productions.

How did your musical path start?

DR: I started learning piano since I’m a kid, thanks to my parents. I fell in love with electronic music very young since it was the decade of the french touch. I got in touch with the software Logic when I was a teenager, same as DJing. But I really decided to get into it when I bought my first turntables six or seven years ago. For the music production, I would say it became serious a year and a half ago, when I met Tonni and his group of friends, living in the same neighborhood and sharing the tracks they produced last night in their home studio. I loved it and I wanted to be part of it. That’s the reason why I called my first EP « Copenhagen Calling ». Dedicated to these guys, that helped me taking another step. Before that, it was just jam sessions as a hobby.

Tell us about your latest track „Polar Lights“ on „Third Gate“.

DR: There is no specific context about this track. If I remember correctly, it is the first track I produced when I bought an Ultranova, as a new synth, last summer. I also wanted to produce a track that would sound different from my casual productions.

How are you looking for new sounds for your productions? Tell us about this process. 

DR: I produce on hardware, which means, when you’re looking for a specific sound you really have to choose wisely the gear and the sound of it. Recently I could finally buy one of my all time dreamed synth, the Virus Access. There is so many possibilities that sometimes you have to spend a lot of time to find the sound you want, then retouch it and mix it. But in the end, it is always a real pleasure.

How did you get started with the label Union Trance Mission? Is there a specific idea behind the label?

DR: Union Trance Mission was born in December 2018 by the will of propose something different into the underground music scene, largely dominated by the techno movement. My partner Tonni 3000 was the spearhead, launching a 2 track EP named « Union/Divide ». Quickly, I came up with my first track, released on UTM, that became the most successful track of the label « Wasted In Nørrebro ». After a few releases, I decided to gather a group of friends in the will of releasing the first various of the label « First Gate ». I would say this VA was the starting point of the adventure. Since then, we try to release one or 2 EPs a month at least, and a VA every 3 months.

Are you running the label by yourself?

DR: I take care of the releases schedule, the major part of the graphics and the merchandising. I also promote the label in Paris. Still, Tonni 3000 is and will always be an ambassador. He promotes the label in Copenhagen and he is the main founder of it. I would say it’s a cool label run by 2 best friends from 2 different countries and cultures of Europe and the alchemy is great!


Who else is releasing on the label? Is it only friends and family or are you also looking for new talents?

DR: Besides me and Tonni, I would say friends only, but I’m expecting finding new talents pretty soon. I also love giving challenges to friends who don’t produce trance or rave music basically, like Red Scan or more recently Darzack on the Third Gate compilation. But in the end, they all nail it!

Last words

DR: Big thanks to all the fans of the label that help us going forward and getting new ideas. Label nights will come up this year, the first one will happen in Paris the 9th of November. Keep it real!

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