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VIELD are a Polish duo of analog hardware hoarders. Though Jakub and Tomasz (both together and each by oneself) had been struggling  throughout the years with several twists of their own (mis)creativity and also with the ability to collaborate with people (including themselves) in various musical genres, the year 2015 has finally marked their breakthrough. Everything started from an initial idea to present a gabber live act at a certain popular regular event in Warsaw. The idea however quickly fell into pieces when it had turned out that to make this happen they would need to invest in new gear. 


While they obviously did it, then consequently it became naturally evident that it would be more than appropriate to direct their creative effort into more „serious” styles of music.  Starting to present their cheesy beats and finger-played, casio-like melodies on regular Veni Vidi Techno events (which is their maternal collective) they managed to travel Poland forth and back alongside various international artists such as Acronym, Person of Interest, Tin Man, DJ Skurge, Inigo Kennedy, The Exaltics, Drvg Cvltvre and many others while consequently expanding their modular setup making them able to produce a more sophisticated sound than before.

Meanwhile they played their foreign debut at Wunderbar, Rotterdam where they managed to record a solid piece of material in WORM studios. The same summer of 2017 also brought them an opportunity to perform at P23 stage at Off Festival in Katowice where they succeeded in acoustically drowning the band called Swans (well, at least up to 10 metres from the front PA) performing at the same time. In 2018 their productions gained some international appreciation which resulted in a release for a Berlin-based label called Mechatronica with a killer remix from Universo. The year 2019 however brought them 3 new releases for Polish labels – two for Father And Son Records And Tapes and a cassette feature for K-Hole Trax.

Not to mention 'Shakaika' which was featured on the 'Total Solidarity' charity compilation co-released by Oramics and New York Haunted. Their chief inspirations are: Detroit-like escapism, sunny electro straight from Dutch California, sounds of Soviet industrial machinery and Arabian cosmodromes on the Sahara desert which never existed.

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